The Collection

Welcome the the Collection home site. This is a page where you, dear reader, get the honour of witnessing The Collection. The Collection is a thing of legend, an unfathomable and untenable collection of currency artifacts which hold more power - real or otherwise - than you can imagine. So please... Peruse...

Australian Notes


This currency is particularly sentimal to The Collectors, as it is their native currency. It is also one of the more colourful currencies, and is one of the favourites within The Collection.


This part of The Collection was aquired in 2009 and the case has not be disturbed since. It is the newest addition and has been a rising star amongst visitors.


This is one of the oldest in The Collection, and was passed on from the collector's parents, and was one of the inciting factors that lead to a now grand collection.


The Malaysian currency has some of the most interesting images on it, paired with a variety of colour across all of the currency to create a various and interesting display of art that goes beyond the printed value.

New Zealand

We at The Collection wouldn't be surprised if soon there were Hobbits on this currency! I'm kidding, but all the same, New Zealand currency is intriguing, eye-catching, and unique.


The Thai currency, called Baht, is the most colourful currency in the collection and is thusly most often used in magazine shoots and in visitor's photos.

United Arab Emirites

This is another of the older currencies within The Collection, and the lack of variety within The Collection comes from the fact that this specific note was considered lucky amongst a small tribe of natives in Arabia.

United Kingdom

The pound is a recognizable note, thus it is one of the less popular pieces within The Collection. However, it is still an interesting currency with a rich history that deserves it's place in The Collection.

What is The Collection?

The Collection is the result of years of work and effort towards obtaining authentic and occasionally mystical artifacts in the form of currency. Upon request, The Collection can be viewed, but otherwise the location of The Collection is too important to share freely.